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Tips For Buyers/Sellers

I have provided a short list of information for buyers and sellers below, if you would like to see my complete list click here to email me and I will send you all of my tips. Amy


Before you begin looking for a home

•Your home buying process should start with visiting a lender. The pre-qualification process is very easy and it helps you determine what price range of home you should be targeting.

•As a buyer you need representation. You need a realtor who will be looking out for your best interests. Choose a realtor you can trust and build a relationship with.

•There are many costs involved in buying a home, more than just the monthly payment. Try to stay toward the lower end of you budget so that you still have some breathing room.

•Ask lots of questions, keep an open mind and don't let your emotions control you decision. Look past the interior decorating and focus on the structure itself. Try to envision your furnishing in each room and how well the home will function for your families needs.


Before you list your home

•Interview at least 3 agents, look for an agent who provides the level of service you are expecting. Marketing, service and professionalism should be at the top of your list.

•Repairs and cleaning are a must. Often times buyers are unable to see past small repairs or clutter. Be aware of any unpleasant odors, a clean smelling home is much more appealing to a buyer.

•Arrange your furniture in a way that will provide a more spacious feel. Open your blinds to allow some natural light in, this will provide a more inviting feel to a home.

•Curb appeal is very important. Many times buyers are unable to see past their first impressions, a well maintained lawn will invite buyers to look further at your home.