Selling Your Home

Showing Process

Early Offers/ No Offers
Give early offers serious consideration. They are often the best you will receive. If there are no offers, explore possible reasons with our Realtors. Review the price and terms, as well as the marketing program. Price adjustments may be necessary.


Presentation of Offers
The listing agent will present all offers to you, even if he/she knows they are unacceptable. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics requires Realtors to submit all offers to the seller until an offer is accepted. Keep in mind that many offers start out at an unacceptable level but after negotiating, may end up at the closing table. If you are an out of town seller, establish a procedure for the presentation of offers.


Option Pending
The standard purchase contract includes an option period which gives the buyer the opportunity to determine whether the home will meet the buyer’s needs. During this time, the buyer should hire licensed inspectors to inspect the home and provide information about its condition. The Seller’s Disclosure Notice completed by you also gives the buyer valuable information about the condition of the home. The buyer has the unrestricted right to terminate the contract during the option period.


Multiple Offers
When multiple offers are presented to you, you should carefully review the terms being offered by each buyer to determine how to respond. You are free to accept any offer regardless of the order in which it was received. Your Realtor can help you negotiate for better terms on certain offers if you deem it appropriate to do so.

Getting Your Home Ready

Cleaning and taming the outside of your home is crucial when presenting your sale to prospective buyers. The first impression a buyer gets will most likely affect their purchase decision. Here are some things you can do to clean up outside:

  • Mow, water and edge lawn carefully
  • Trim trees, weed and cultivate flower beds
  • Make sure all exterior lighting is in working condition
  • Paint or clean exterior of house, especially the front door
  • Test locks on all doors
  • Replace old tarnished street numbers
  • Have an expert check condition of roof
  • Repair screens and screen doors
  • Rid driveways and walkways of grass clippings
  • Remove all clutter in driveway