Richard & Judy Tompkins

July 14, 2010

After my retirement, my wife and I began searching for a home to purchase which would fit our needs for the foreseeable future.  We did not engage a real estate agent during our search as we did not want to have someone spend an inordinate amount of time with us as we knew it would probably be a long process.  We did meet quite a few agents representing sellers of various properties.  On one occasion while viewing a property, we met Amy Willis who was representing the seller.  We did not purchase this property, but during the exchange with Amy, it became obvious that she was very knowledgeable, knew the property, and could answer pertinent questions without saying she didn’t know, but would find out.  There was no attempt at hard sell or pressure to view any other properties and she displayed a sense of humor.  After this experience, we decided if we did find a property to purchase, we would get Amy to represent us.  Approximately six months later, we found our home.  I called Amy and she agreed to represent us during the purchase process.  All of our expectations were met or exceeded.  No question  went unanswered, no details were overlooked and the entire process went very smoothly.  In my opinion (from what I have heard from others), Amy went beyond the scope of a standard real estate agent’s responsibilities including follow up after the sale.  We appreciate all of Amy’s knowledge, efforts, and dedication and highly recommend her services to any buyer or seller of real estate.